What is Education for All?


What is Education for All?

Philippine Education for All (EFA) 2015 is a vision and holistic program of reforms that aim to improve access and quality of basic education for every Filipino by 2015. Providing education to all Filipinos opened alternative learning system to complement formal schooling to reach and better serve those in difficult circumstances.

This entails not only the Department of Education but the involvement of the entire society, including national and local government agencies and civil society organizations as providers of  basic learning needs.

EFA 2015 Objectives

To provide basic competencies to everyone to achieve functional literacy for all, Philippine EFA 2015 aims to make:

  • All youth and adults functionally literate
  • Children 3-5 year-olds ready to participate in schools to eliminate dropout and repetition in Grades 1 to 3
  • All pupils and students complete basic education with satisfactory achievement level
  • Education be made a societal responsibility

Critical and Urgent EFA Tasks

To attain the above goals, nine urgent and critical tasks were formulated as follows:

  1. Make every school continuously perform better
  2. Expand Early Childhood Care and Development
  3. Transform nonformal and informal interventions into an alternative learning system yielding more EFA benefits
  4. Promote practice of high quality teaching
  5. Adopt a 12-year program for formal basic education
  6. Enrich education curriculum in the context of articulation, enrich the pillars of new functional literacy
  7. Provide adequate and stable public funding for countrywide attainment of EFA goals
  8. Create a network of community-based groups for attainment of local EFA goals
  9. Monitor progress in efforts towards attainment of EFA goals

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