NEDA and Literacy

NEDA supports the Universal Literacy Campaign of the LCC and other related advocacies such as those embodied in the Philippine National Action for EFA 2015. As the country’s primary planning agency, NEDA ensures that literacy policies and priorities are included in the national development plans and other related subsectoral plans.

NEDA strongly supports the achievement of universal literacy in the Philippines. It has been an active member of the Council since its creation in 1991, actively participating in its activities such as advocacy programs, policy formulation, and monitoring and evaluation. Among its contributions to the LCC is the conduct of Analysis of 2003 Functional Literacy, Education and Mass Media Survey (FLEMMS) Results. This study aimed to examine the trends in literacy at the national and regional levels and relevant policies and programs in order to derive areas for possible policy or program formulation.

(Link to open power point presentation of the study) 
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