Literacy Champions


Outstanding Literacy Program and their Implementors


Functional Literacy Program 
Center for Social Concerns and Development, Inc. (CESCOD) 
Siayan, Zamboanga del Norte 
Region IX

  • CESCOD is a nongovernment organization committed to engage in principled and proactive programs and projects to effect sustainable development and social change. It has a clear organizational structure that could handle program implementation.
  • The organization has been implementing literacy programs since 1992 basically to adult IPs 40–70 yrs. old, covering areas in Zamboanga del Norte hardly reached by DepEd ALS.
  • Funding for CESCOD’s projects is sustained through massive networking by the program implementer
  • The literacy program for young and adult Subano members are found in various remote upland barangays, which includes both basic and livelihood programs, such as organic farming and handicrafts, to help learners acquire alternative source of income towards improving their life condition.
  • Planning for community development is participatory. Sessions are held covering government structure and participatory governance which are instrumental in having learners elected as barangay officials.
  • Mainstreaming Gender in Community Development is another program on women education through values formation and livelihood skills trainings and economic empowerment such as body massage, sewing, weaving (bags, baskets, placemats, trays, etc.), fashion jewelry making consumer store/bakery, talipapa, sardines production, and scholarship program for caregiver and household services in partnership with TESDA.
  • IP education for Subanen in various barangays of the municipality; together with IP leaders, CESCOD has developed modules about Subanen history, culture, traditions, rituals, songs, and dances.
  • Assisi Development Foundation Scholarship Program caters to vocational and college learners including day care centers for IP children.
  • Western Mindanao Community Initiative Program (WEMSIP) is a program on community organizing, development of cooperatives, capability building for farmers, sustainable agriculture and assistance to municipal and barangay governments, preparation of development plans, and establishment of a savings and loans “bank.”
  • Masipag Rice Production is another program aimed to promote sustainable development through sustainable agriculture. This is done through the establishment of trial farms and by teaching farmers about new farming technologies, diversified farming, agro forestry, and use of organic fertilizers.
  • The potentials of the Subanen are tapped, some of them being trained as facilitators in their own community. • For peace advocacy, CESCOD put up the Tri-people (Settlers, Subanen, Muslims) monument and holds its yearly P’gsalabuk festival.


Taking Education and Integrated Services at the Doorstep of Communities:                                                                   The Journey of Cor Jesus College and Its Partners
Cor Jesu College–Br. Polycarp Institute for Community Development Foundation, Inc.
Digos City, Davao del Sur 
Region XI

  • The Foundation is attached to the Cor Jesu College with very active and committed program implementers
  • Strong partnership with Basic Education Assistance for Mindanao (BEAM) with programs covering basic education, functional literacy cum livelihood development, ALS A&E program; mother tongue education for IPs, institutionalized in the regional level
  • Project Laderized Education and Accreditation Program for Barangay Officials and Workers (LEAP–BOW) worth commending but could still be improved
  • Livelihood programs/entrepreneurial skills for women, i.e. dried mango and mango puree making, dried pomelo and pineapple making
  • Courses for barangay workers include copra making, a module on this of which has been developed
  • Day care centers in remote barangays
  • Supervised Neighborhood Program – CARE and Mothers’ Class at the same time
  • Parents are the community volunteers for the day care center. Create the passion of service and spirit of volunteerism
  • Sunday College program – four-year courses being undertaken in five years
  • Community Health Action Team (CHAT) – lessons on children’s rights, family planning, early parenting
  • Sustainability – funds are sustained on a yearly basis; a commitment of Cor Jesu College.
  • Commenced replication of programs in other municipalities


FCF/RLF Literacy Program: Bridging the Literacy Divide Among Marginalized Upland Communities
FCF/Runruno Livelihood Foundation 
Barangay Runruno, Quezon, Nueva Vizcaya
Region II

  • The Program forms part of the mining corporation’s mandate of assisting the municipality in its community development, literacy of which is a major concern. The program is an extension of the ALS Program of DepEd and concentrated in Bgy. Runruno in response to its having the highest drop-out rate and increasing the literacy rate among five years old and above members in the municipality. A great portion of the funds go to salaries of teachers, majority of who are in the formal school system.
  • The Municipal Mayor, an educator himself, guarantees program sustainability through the support of the Municipal School Board.
  • There is provision of Training/Skills Development Program for adult members of the communities such as livestock production, banana production, candy making, noodles making, basic life support training, values formation, and bridging leadership for community organizers.
  • There is a strong partnership with TESDA through Re-Integrating Skills for Employment Project (RISE) which involves relevant training/skills development programs leading to employment, such as at Hanjin Construction and other local companies. (Should FCF Minerals Corp develop in a few years, priority will be given to trained locals for employment.) • Plant for Life program is existent since 2007 which includes putting up of nurseries in schools and tree planting within the municipality. This activity also involves students in the formal school.
  • Day care program in partnership with lgu
  • The Foundation plans to expand its literacy cum livelihood program to nearby barangays.


Education for Life
St. Louise de Marillac Foundation, Inc.
Sorsogon City
Region V

  • Radio program for learners specially those in distant areas and those who are not able to go to school on specified days
  • Massive basic literacy and A&E programs which are an extension of DepEd ALS program
  • A&E passers are recommended to TESDA for technical studies and training
  • “Preparation for a Happy Death (PHD)” program for senior citizens of Sitio Alinao, Bgy. San Juan
  • Spearheaded the organization of ecclesial communities and formation of leaders in these purok ecclesial communities
  • Participation of SLMFP in the housing program (Vincentian Village) for those affected by typhoon Reming
  • Apart from the housing program, the community members were trained in livelihood skills such as piggery, charcoal-making, and cooking.


Sumpong Literacy Program
Sumpong Community Learning Center
Bgy. Sumpong, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon 
Region X

  • The existence of a community-based information technology learning center proved beneficial as almost all livelihood trainings and seminars are held in the clc, including basic literacy
  • Active and committed literacy advocate, Ms. Ching, who sustains the program
  • Provides paralegal support to women and children
  • Literacy cum livelihood program for inmates in city jail
  • Strong partnership with municipal and provincial school boards and Deped ALS
  • Computer literacy projects for learners
  • IP education specifically on ancestral land ownership, and basic literacy integrating skills and livelihood

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